Cars and Environment: Really Incompatible?

Global warming has become a great concern in the today world due to increased emission of carbon. It is a threat to our health and also to basic human needs. The impacts of global warming are already being felt as temperatures have risen up, severe floods, droughts and rising seas. Transportation is a major source of global warming especially in the U.S.A. Statistics show that cars and trucks in the U.S emit 24 pounds of carbon dioxide plus other global warming gases for each gallon of gas used.

Every vehicle now needs summer tyres to withstand the heat on the road. This is important to reduce gas pollution, even though it does not stop their emission. Simple rules to follow to use these type of tyres:

  • if not properly inflated they will consume more fuel and lead to more gas emissions to the environment
  • if not well disposed they can pollute the environment
  • properly inflated tyres will instead save the environment a lot of emissions and act as one of the solutions to global warming.

Other than tyres one of the most polluting “stuff” related to cars are gases. One of the best methods to decrease pollution is use of alternative forms of fuels, knows as eco-friendly. There is a great need to use fuel efficient vehicles that will consume less gas for their rides therefore emit less carbon dioxide to the environment. The less carbon emissions are released to the environment from vehicles, the more reduced global warming effects to the environment.

The use of cellulosic biofuels is highly recommended. These are cleaner fuels and will reduce emissions by 80% compared to gasoline. Techniques that are used to extract fuels should be cleaner to ensure that fuels don’t become dirtier and reduce gas emissions to the environment.

Another solution is the use of electric fuel for cars and trucks. If the electricity used as fuel is from renewable sources, the cars will have no emissions to the environment. The environment is a precious resource and should be highly protected from global warming.

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